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Home Business Expert: Traditional Job V. Home Business

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There is a lot of difference between a traditional job and your home business. In fact, the two couldn?t have been further apart. The biggest difference between them is in the basics itself ? in a traditional job you are the employee who has to report to a boss (this is true even if you are a very senior person ? you will still need to report to the owner of the company or to the board of directors or the share holders). But in a home business, you are your own boss. You are the person who owns the business and if you have people working for you, then they would be obviously reporting to you, instead of you having to report to anyone. This is obviously a huge difference.

But what if you are the owner of a traditional business instead of being an employee? Is it still so different when compared with a home business? The answer is ?yes?. Most home businesses are small and as the name suggests, they are operated from home. But even if you have a small traditional business, then too you will have an office or a shop ? in other words a physical existence.

A traditional job is often guided by a routine. For example, there would be in most cases a definite time by which you have to report to work and a time before which you cannot come out. You need to put in a certain number of hours of work and have to follow the schedule as decided by the company. But in a home business, there may not be any definite hours. You are the boss and decide when to work ? this may be whenever you feel like. Perhaps you are not in the mood to work at 12 noon on a Tuesday ? in a home business you can take a break, but in the office this is difficult and it depends on many other factors.

On the other hand, in a traditional job you will get the weekends off and a specified number of leaves in a year. But this is often not the case in a home business as the person keeps working during the weekend too. However it needs to be mentioned here that a huge number of work at home entrepreneurs make it a point to enjoy the weekend to keep them charged up for the week days. When you find a home business that is completely portable, you & the family can travel anywhere and everywhere you want to go at a moment?s notice and stay as long as you want. You will never be able to do that with a traditional job.

In a home business there are no traffic jams as you have no office where you have to report. So there?s no need to push traffic to and from the work. No gas expense, no dry cleaning expense, no necktie that chokes you everyday, no required office attire, no one telling you how long you can take for lunch and when you have to be back.

Yes it is true ? there are simply too many advantages of a home business when you compare it with a traditional job.

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