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The King of Gift Certificate – College Football

There are two people in opposing teams that have a massive grudge against each other and they are University of Alabama’s Nick Saban and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney. But they are not rivals only on the field or about the competition on the sidelines.

The rivalry is also about the exchange of gift certificates.

Both Swinney and Saban had a bet about the exchange of gift certificates. And the loser of the 2016 College Football National Championship will be paying for dinner at the Boca Grande. Boca Grande is a restaurant in Florida by the way if you did not know about the place. You should know that both Saban and Swinney chose that place because they both agreed that it is the best destination. Even their families love the place because of the vacation homes right within the area.

Now, you have to know who won the bet and became the college football king of gift certificates.

The team name the Crimson Tide won the nationals in the year 2016. Swinney proceeded with the bet as any gentleman would do. But Saban did not expect what happened next after the win.

So now, Saban and Swinney met at the Boca Grande, they have never seen each other until just now because of the vacation. But then, Saban got mad at Swinney. The reason for the outburst was because Saban thought Swinney was going to be eating dinner with him. Swinney never thought that the bet would go as him losing so he never prepared. So he just handed out something to Saban and said that he did not want to owe him anything.

Swinney handed Saban a gift certificate and it had a note at the back saying they were going to meet again at Tampa next year.

The media blew up after knowing the that Swinney wrote that on the gift certificate of Saban. The social media went crazy over the two, both defending their beloved teams, it was very interesting. A lot of people were doubting if Swinney could actually pull off a major upset.

The tables have been turned and everything just sparked.

The Crimson Tide, Saban’s team suffered a 35-31 defeat but Saban returned the favor like a true sportsman, with no quarrels and no bad mouthing. He then gave Swinney a gift certificate coming from the same restaurant that the agreed on during the nationals in 2016.

They also did not share the meal together but they were really a happy duo, both won games and both enjoyed leading their teams to victory.

Both teams are going strong and are all great competitors, both teams are aiming for the championship every season.

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