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“lifepath Unlimited Scam?”

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Your here right now because your doing your didligents on lifepath unlimited, you would like to know is lifepath unlimited scam?
Well Im going to firstly tell you the lifepath unlimited business is not a scam, it is a legit business based in australia and the company is in the personal development industry, providing products and services to help others in their life in every way such as financially, achieving your goals, helping you in your relationships with friends, family and your partner,these products have been known to change lives of so many people.

Ok What else does this complany exactly have to offer?

Lifepath australia offers three main products, every product is involved with a high paying compensation plan plus offering a high residual income, there are three products: the Discovery Series, The Breakthrough Event and the The Destiny Event, lifepath unlimited also offers a Awakening Movie which reveals Lifepath personal success secrets and lastly the Synergy Training Event which offers training to help you build your business.
Lifepath also allows you to join without purchasing any products but that just delays you from making money from your very first sale, so purchasing the first product which is the Discovery Series is a recommend start.

So What do the products offer?

Firstly the Discovery Series the entry level product which allows you to start earning instant profits from your very first sale, a 56 day to destiny course it includes right CD’s, including the Awakening Movie, three goal cards, a wire-bound trailblazer journal, and lastly you will receive a weekly invitation to a morning Discovery call providing valuable information each and everytime, the dicovery series has helped thousands of people around the world to help achieve their goals, help them in personal relationships, friends and family and helps you financially.

Secondly the Breakthrough Event, This ticket allows two people and includes four days and three nights at an exclusive, all inclusive resort, beverages, transfers to and from the hotel, a three day personal development event held twice a year at fabulaous vacation resorts, Breakthrough offer high interactive and life changing sessions features world class insprational speakers, motivational trainers and incredible mind, body and spirit exercises, also dont forget the activities such as fire walk and special extras all included but the AIRFAIR is not included. Once you purchase the Breakthrough Event you have two personal pass up sales to make and then you will start profiting from this product and the profits are huge, after you have been to the event the first time, the price is reduced for you.

Thirdly the Destiny Event a ticket for two people and includes five days and five nights at an exclusive, all inclusive resort, all destiny personal development sessions included ascension, the extroadinary costume party dinner event and special extras, AIRFAIR not included. Once you have purchased this product you have two pass up sales to your advisor and then you will be qualified to start making instant huge profits from the product and high residual profits.

Lastly there is the Synergy Event, a one day Training a networking event, which is packed with marketing sales training and fun, teachers for the day are top income earners, international trainers and founders of lifepath unlimited, each ticket you purchase is for one person and includes an invitation to a friday evening reception.

Every person that joins your team, your business you get paid first, the money is paid to you in your bank first then you pay lifepath unlimited its simple as that.

So as you can see it is a honest and legit company and not a scam, I am not just saying this because I am with the company, but the decision is yours if you want to join or not, to join any company you need the right mentor, the right marketing system, support and training am i right?

Yes thats right

well you can find out more about me on my blog below, what I do, how I do it and you will see the difference between the right mentor and someone that cannot offer you what you want and that is training and support and the best and most effective ways to succeed in your business, what I would like to do is give you my 7 Day FREE video bootcamp completely FREE and I will show you how I market my business for FREE and then you can decide on what you would like to do, make a personal and business decision now!!

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