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The Business Networking Mindset

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Business networking is basically the practice of individuals being able to interact with possible business prospects. In today’s day and age, business networking is seen as the growing element in order to reach out to a wider audience. All in the hope of maximizing client potential, this in result would be more business. The key behind getting rich was once stated by a famous tycoon Robert Kiyosaki who stated that the key behind getting rich is creating a strong and successful network. It’s who knows you, and not just who you know.

Any business man has to understand the important and benefits that can be achieved from creating a business network. And aim to create a large and strong network of contacts for his/her business to succeed. Below I have looked at some key mindsets that any business networking individual should keep in mind:

Your initial aim should be to give first and expecting that gain will eventually come. Give something first to your possible clients in order to get on their good side or as referred to in business terms collecting “karma points”. Establish a truce of commitment, trust and reliability and make sure you are able to express this in both verbal and practical terms before moving forward. The key behind any business is to gain a profit. No business will be willing for you to be the “winner” and them to be the “looser” during a business deal; more commonly known as win-loss. You should be looking for a win-win scenario where both you and your client are able to gain maximum results from one decision. It simply levels the platforms for moving forward at a smoother and quicker pace.

It is equally as possible to keep a balance when communicating amongst one another and going towards the deal. You have to have “light feet” and create a decent link before you move on to close a deal. It’s the same principal for water pipes. Unless you don’t connect the pipes together, the water won’t be able to flow to its destination. Same principal here, only difference its business.

From a business networking point of view, you have to make sure you are open minded and able to take on new ideas and adapt accordingly. You can not expect your ideas to be presented to your client and accepted with no concerns. Every business deal that happens will always consist of negotiation that may require you to deviate slightly from your initial plan in hopes of achieving the goal for both parties.

You want to be an enjoyable person to talk to. You want your personality to shine through to possible business prospects giving them a feel to “want” to come and talk to you rather than being forced or dragged in due to the nature of the event. Always keep in mind that deals are more imminent where one can relate to the other with relative ease.

If there are areas that you can not handle in a business proposition but know someone else that can, introduce them. Help in assisting others by solving their issues. Where you will help someone they in return will help you. As Zig Ziglar said:”Help Enough People Succeed and You Will Succeed”. Don’t be self obsessed and only move your hand forward when the benefit is directly in your favor. You won’t get very far that way.

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Are Multi-level-marketing Companies Ripping You Off?

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You’ve all seen the flashy Ferraris, huge mansions, and seemingly perfect lives of the big multi-level-marketing (MLM) distributors. The general public makes an assumption that these big time distributors must be making their money by selling of millions of dollars of products to their downline. But in a lot of cases, that is far from reality?

Although a lot of MLM companies are are legit because they have an actual product to sell, there is a dark side to the MLM industry that you will never hear about when attending one of their business opportunity conventions.

This is the secret side business that your overly zealous upline will never tell you about. The big time distributors never mention a second business that may even be more profitable than selling the actual MLM products by itself.

The secret second business in a lot of multi-level-marketing is selling hope and motivation through information products. Examples of information products are business tapes, CDs, DVDs, quarterly business seminars, monthly voice mail systems, etc.

There have been some well publicized cases in which high level distributors have been found to make up to seventy percent of their income from selling these information products such as tapes, books, seminars, etc., and NOT the vitamins, soap, make-up, etc. itself!

The fact is, you can get much of the same recycled motivational materials for a fraction of the cost at any website. No wonder a lot of these MLM companies absolutely insist that people you recruit must buy these info products in order to increase their chances of success.

I’m sick and tired of these MLM companies being deceptive to their distributors and giving them false hope by brainwashing them to listen to those useless motivational tapes

Although there have been no formal investigations on how much the big MLM distributors make from selling information, we can only estimate their profits by the price of each tape being sold multiplied by thousands of distributors per month.

Selling information is big business. And after being in the information business for about a year now, I realized how much money these big time MLM distributors are ripping us off and profiting BIG by focusing on selling these less-than-worthless tapes and business meetings instead of selling the actual products themselves

So if you you see that your upline is shoving those motivational tapes down your throat insisting that it is absolutely crucial to your success, you may want to take a step back and decide for yourself if they really want you to buy the motivational CDs for your own success, or for your uplines own profits!

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