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What You Need to Consider before Buying a Dog

Owning a dog is among the most personal thing you might ever do in your life. There is a relationship between the dogs an individual has and their personality. People tend to choose dogs that portray their traits or possess the character they associate with. This makes people carefully pick a dog breed that closely matches their traits. There are a variety of dog breeds where each breed has its unique features, for example, some breeds are highly intelligent, energetic, and friendly while others are bold, unrelenting, outgoing, and smart. It is also worth noting dogs are like children, they look up to us for protection, safety, and care. We need to keep them in good health, clean and groom them regularly. Therefore, there are a variety of things you need to pay attention to before buying one, and here are some of them.

The first thing you need to consider before purchasing a dog is its care requirements. As we have mentioned dogs need regular grooming, cleaning, and trimming of nails, combing or brushing, ears cleaning among other things that maintain its appearance, health, and temperaments. This can be time-consuming and needs patience especially if you own a hairy dog breed or a dog with a thick coat. Most dogs require training which is also time-consuming while others are outgoing meaning regular walk is necessary for them. Furthermore, owning a dog is a lifetime commitment, and some dog breeds if well taken care of will stick around between 10-15 years. During this time you are responsible for its food, medications, and grooming. It is, therefore, important to make all these considerations beforehand to establish whether you have the necessary time and energy to spend on your prospective dog.

The other consideration you need to make before buying a dog is your residence. Where you live plays a key role in determining the breed of dog you can keep. This is because some breeds are restricted in apartments. Some dog breeds are very energetic, bold, and can sometimes be unruly which makes other people in the apartment uncomfortable. Therefore, if you live in an apartment consider buying a breed that is calm, smart, friendly, and outgoing that is less aggressive. Even when you are a homeowner consider whether you have enough space for the dog and you can handle the traits of the dog breed you intend to buy as some breeds are excessively playful and can be annoying sometimes.

Once you decide you are ready to take up all the responsibility of owning a dog the next step is to look for a reliable and reputable breeder. Buying from a reputable dog breeder is important because you are assured of the health of the dog you are buying. A reliable breeder can provide you with the history or bloodline of the breed you are picking to ensure you take a healthy dog. Furthermore, a good dog breeder will give you additional advice on ideal ways of taking care of your dog and give you a chance of possible return policy in case you feel you picked an inappropriate breed. Those are some factors you need to consider when buying a dog.

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